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March 23, 2010

Katrina Hodge Desires Beauty Pageants To Skip Swimsuit Round

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Firing guns and walking the ramp-2 totally different skills and no one does it better than “Combat Barbie” Katrina Hodge. The title holder of “Miss England” who also happens to be an army officer has lately went ahead and approached the beauty pageant urging them to comprise an athletics round in place of the usual swimsuit sessions.

Katrina Hodge is better known to the Army as Corporal Hodge and she feels that it is enough daring from a girl’s point of view to be up on the stage and appear in swimsuit. Instead she feels that it would be a great change for all the girls if they’re offered a challenging round that would include a few sports activities. The director of Miss England, Angie Beasley has by now considered the proposal and is looking forward to implement it. Katrina Hodge had been serving the country as she was just 16 and she was included the group of 10 women who had been a part of the Royal Anglicans posted, Iraq.

It was in Iraq itself that the lively Katrina Hodge was awarded with a commendation owing to the fact that she had really captured a rebel fighter and detained him in custody. Katrina Hodge confronted the rebel with bare hands and even disarmed her enemy. She eventually earned her nickname “Combat Barbie” after she reported in fake eyelashes, wearing kitten heels with her pink suitcase at the barracks of Winchester in Hampshire.

She had represented her country in the Miss World championship held in South Africa last year. The ranger lady Katrina Hodge also happens to be the brand ambassador for La Senza lingerie.

November 9, 2009

Miss England Katrina Hodge desires to serve in Afghanistan

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Katrina Hodge, she is a soldier in the British army and the recently crowned Miss England, hopes to serve in Afghanistan someday, along with her colleagues.

Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge aged 22, called “Combat Barbie” by her Army colleagues, has previously served in the war-torn Iraq and wants to be in the fore of action in Afghanistan after her reign as Miss England that ends up in July 2010.

Taking about Remembrance Sunday she added she is in thought of “everybody involved” in the Afghanistan conflict as she observed the 2 minute silence.

“People just do not appreciate the Army enough,” Sky News quoted Katrina Hodge, as saying.
Katrina Hodge, who serves with the Royal Anglian Regiment, said her looks did not matter as she was working for the Armed Forces.

She said: “We are taught in training that we are first and foremost a soldier.

“When I am a soldier I have my hair scraped back and no make-up”, she added.

“I hope it bodes well that I am seen as a more natural beauty. Me having a single day to get ready for this role shows that,” she added.

Hodge, who has previously worked with lingerie chain La Senza on its Face of the Armed Forces campaign, is now all set to contend for the Miss World 2009 crown.

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