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Hurricane Katrina


Natural Disasters

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List of Strange Natural disasters around the World

Natural disasters cause fascination in everyone – as is clear from the enormous amounts of press coverage that they give. We all fear the day that we might be caught in one, and perhaps that is the reason for our fascination. This list looks at the most terrifying natural disasters ever.

Great Flood of 1931 Title: The Great Flood of 1931
Location: central China
Year: 1931

Description:The deadliest natural disaster ever recorded occurred throughout the winter, spring, and summer of 1931 in central China. There are three main rivers draining this area, the Yangtze, the Yellow, and the Huai. Great Flood info..

Tambora eruption Title: The Tambora Eruption
Location: Sumbawa Island,south Indonesia.
Year: April 6 to 11, 1815

Description: Mt. Tambora is on Sumbawa Island, in south Indonesia. It exploded from April 6 to 11, 1815, but the worst of this was at the end, from 10 to 11 April. Tambora Eruption info..

European Heat Wave Title: The European Heat Wave
Location: Europe
Year: 2003

Description: Europe is not familiarized to hot summers. Give them a break, hot summers almost never happened there. But in 2003, they got smack with one that would make the southeastern United States, or the Australian outback sit back and wonder. European Heat Wave info..

Lake Nyos Eruption Title: The Lake Nyos Eruption
Location: Cameroonian jungle
Year: August 21, 1986

Description: Limnic eruptions are one of the strangest natural disasters known. The criteria required for one to occur make them very uncommon. Lake Nyos Eruption info..

Strom of the Century Name Storm of the Century
Location: United States
Year: March 12 to 13, 1993

Description: From March 12 to 13, 1993, a cyclonic storm formed off the east coats of the United States, so enormous in size that it caused a unique hodgepodge of severe weather. Storm of the Century info..

Tunguska Explosion Name: The Tunguska Explosion
Location: Tunguska River,Russia
Year: June 30, 1908

Description: On June 30, 1908, at about 7:14 AM local time, an asteroid or comet tumbled over the Lower Tunguska River, in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, a remote area of Siberia, and detonated at an altitude of 3 to 6 miles. Tunguska Explosion info..

Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina